Meet Chelsea 

Chelsea is a Homeopath and a Holistic Nutritionist. Her first career was as a college English Instructor. After the birth of her fist child, she decided to turn her love of health and wellness into a career. 

She practices virtually from Snoqualmie, Washington. Her focus is on total holistic healing and as such, she focuses on all four body layers for healing: physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.  

She has a husband, two children, 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 hamster, and 1 fish. 

When not helping clients or teaching practitioners, you can find her enjoying a cup of tea, gardening, hiking, or hanging with her family. 

Why Homeopathy?

Although many people know about its success with acute issues like colds or cases of flu, it has also been highly successful in treating epidemics.

This 220 year old medicine is a safe, effective, and gentle therapy for both acute issues (injuries, colds, flus, etc.) and chronic issues (heart disease, digestive issues, immune issues, etc.)

It is actually the second most used form of medicine in the WORLD! (1st is TCM and Western Medicine is 4th) As such, it is extremely popular in most European countries as well as countries like Brazil, Cuba, Chile, India, Pakistan, and Mexico.

Homeopathy Today

Today there are many different homeopathic methodologies, each with their own benefits. 

In my practice, I utilize:

  • Narayani remedies
  • Banerji Protocols
  • Pleomorphic Remedies
  • Phenolic Therapy
  • Mega Potencies
  • Bowel Nosodes
  • Oligotherapy
  • Drainage Therapy
  • Cell Salts

as well as:

  • Mother tinctures
  • Herbs
  • Gemmos
  • Flower Essences
  • Energy Medicine
  • Shadow work
  • Targeted Supplementation
  • Enzyme Therapy
  • Holistic Nutrition


Intuitive practices









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 Whether you just want to learn the basics of Homeopathy so you can treat your family at home. or you are a practitioner wanting to expand your knowledge of multiple Homeopathic methods, I have a class for you!


I also teach how to utilize intuition and guidance in your life and/or practice. 




1:1 Packages

Work with me one on one for a 6-month package. 


We will work on all the body layers: physical, mental emotional, and energetic in order to move your healing journey along more quickly and efficiently. 

I utilize multiple methods of Homeopathy, Holistic Nutrition,  Energy medicine, and Shadow work for true holistic healing.

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