$400.00 USD

Accessing Intuition and Guidance for Practitioners

This course teaches practitioners how to incorporate intuition and guidance when creating their client protocols. 

In it, you will learn the basics of dowsing, how to use charts for dowsing, and the Holistic Health Dowsing Chart System I created, which currently has 200+ charts. The charts encompass multiple homeopathic methods, as well as nutrition and lifestyle. 

We walk through incorporating dowsing into your client process, how to interpret dreams for guidance, as well as how to dowse for your personal and business lives. 

What People Are Saying:

I had the pleasure of participating in the "Accessing Intuition and Guidance for Practitioners" course, and it was truly eye-opening. The course material was presented with clarity, making it easy to grasp concepts. The demonstrations were a game-changer, allowing us to witness firsthand how intuition and guidance can be accessed and utilized in real-life scenarios. What truly stood out was Chelsea’s passion and deep knowledge in the subject matter. Her enthusiasm was contagious, creating an incredibly engaging and inspiring learning environment. I highly recommend this course to any practitioner seeking to enhance their intuitive abilities and harness guidance effectively.

Shannon Flood